Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to the sensor cable when the stockpile is dismantled?

The cable is inexpensive and designed to be disposable. Sections of the cable can be removed as the pile is recovered and any usable sections can be recycled.

How are the sensors installed into the pile?

The sensor cable is laid across the surface of the pile and covered over as the pile is formed. We supply optimum distances for distributing the sensors through the pile.

How is any ‘hot spot’ accurately located?

Each sensor has a unique address identifying its position along the string. When laying the cable through each pile, the string and its location is recorded manually (for example: string 4; batch 6; top left). The exact 3-d location is identifed by the software which also keeps track of your batches.

Can the alarms be sent to a phone?

Yes, you can specify to receive text and/or email alerts from alarm points.

What material stockpiles is the product suitable for?

Priority use is for high-risk materials, for example shredded and unshredded wood and unprocessed green waste. It can be applied within other material stockpiles as required. Please call +44 (0)1322 667075 to discuss your specific needs.

Would PREVENTiT be suitable in compost windrows for process monitoring?

PREVENTiT would be useful as a research tool for precisely mapping heating patterns in windrows but its sister-product, CompostManager is more suitable as a day-to-day process monitoring tool.