Our business

Freeland Scientific Limited has a range of solutions to issues faced by the waste recycling and organics industries.

Our first product launch was the highly-regarded CompostManager system, developed as a result of six years of research focused on helping the industry meet regulatory issues, reduce production costs, increase product throughput and improve product quality.

That research and our contacts within the recycling industry led to a new research programme to investigate how to gather data from wood chip stockpiles resulting from wood recycling.

The result of that research is PREVENTiT which builds on the technology developed for CompostManager applied in a research programme to gain a better understanding of what constitutes alarm temperatures within woodchip.

Our people

Dr Eric Crouch

Dr Crouch is an analytical chemist with a PhD in biosensor development. His work since then has been involved with the research and development of novel monitoring systems for process control in the organics recycling industry.

He has designed scientific studies and investigations into different aspects of the composting process and, more recently, into the science of temperature fluctuations within woodchip stockpiles.

He has designed, prototyped and manufactured solutions to issues faced in the industry.