Environment Agency approves Countrystyle’s Fire Prevention Plan which uses PREVENTiT to meet monitoring requirements


Countrystyle Recycling’s dedicated wood recycling facility at Ridham Docks sorts and processes 150,000 tonnes of mixed wood per annum, producing a range of shredded wood products for the panel board and energy markets. To cope with seasonal demand from the energy market, material may be stored in stockpiles for several weeks over the summer months.

In order to extend its permit for activities across the entire site, Countrystyle required approval of its Fire Prevention Plan, in line with the Environment Agency’s new guidance. This guidance includes the need for adequate monitoring of wastes to minimise the likelihood of self combustion.

The solution:

Countrystyle introduced the PREVENTiT temperature monitoring system for material stockpiles stored for an extended period. Multiple sensors are distributed through the core of the stockpile and track temperatures throughout the pile.

Countrystyle configured the system to have a two-tier alert process for extra safety and transparency. At a medium level, an alert is sent automatically to site operators and prompts the introduction of additional monitoring.

If temperatures continue to rise, a second alert is activated and received by senior management, as well as Kent Fire and Rescue and the Environment Agency. This second alert triggers action at the site to rotate or dismantle the stockpile.

It is not compulsory for the alert to be sent outside the organisation, but in configuring the system in this way, Countrystyle underlined its commitment to safety and transparency.

The result:

The Environment Agency approved Countrystyle’s Fire Prevention Plan, enabling the company to extend its operations across the whole of its site.

Stuart Butler-Gallie, Director of Legal and Admin at Countrystyle, who oversees compliance at the group said:

“I am delighted that Countrystyle is leading the way in adopting systems and processes which readily meet the new Environment Agency requirements. I consider PREVENTiT to have been one of the factors which helped to ensure that our FPP was passed, clearing the way for a permit to be issued, covering the entirety of the site.”