PREVENTiT is a new early warning system which monitors temperatures in your stockpiles. If any area of the pile approaches dangerous temperatures, the alarm activates, allowing you to react to reduce the danger and prevent the fire before it’s even started.

PREVENTiT relies on multiple temperature sensors distributed throughout your stockpile. These give you a detailed picture of what’s happening in the pile.

Different areas in the stockpile gain and lose heat at different rates. That’s why you need multiple sensors – a single probe or sensor just won’t give enough detail.

Real-time results sent to your computer allow you to track where heat is rising or dropping. If temperatures rise to a critical level, you will be alerted.

For the first time, operators can understand what’s happening within their stockpiles and, more importantly, respond to dangerously high temperatures.

Who’s it for?

PREVENTiT has been specially designed for routine use in stockpiles of waste stored for several weeks at waste and recycling sites.

The product development has been carried out within stockpiles of woodchip waste and the data regarding sensor distribution and temperature interpretations relate to woodchip storage.

It is anticipated that the hardware can also be applied within loads of other types of waste which are covered by Fire Prevention Plans in order to collect temperature data. We expect to be able to offer interpretation of such readings in the future following further research, but this information is not currently available.